Medicolegal Evaluations

Our evaluations are objective and focused physical and/or psychological evaluations conducted by the industry’s largest and most qualified physicians and regulated health professionals. National IME Centres (NIME) completes single evaluator or multidisciplinary evaluations for both defence and plaintiff counsel. Evaluators are vetted for minimum requirements including at least five years of IME experience and current treatment practice. Evaluation reports are detailed to the specifications of the case and undergo an extensive quality assurance process.

Medicolegal File Review

If a file document review is required, have it completed by the best expert. NIME file reviews are assigned to physicians with experience relevant to the situation. NIME experts are up-to-date on medical research, publications and legislative changes. Report quality assurance at NIME includes cross checking of medicolegal principles and use of rationalized explanations. Use NIME and be assured you’ll receive accurate decisions about: diagnosis, prognosis, treatment needs, causation and other questions within the scope of a file review.


Communication, communication… Often complex issues including causality, treatment needs, professional bias and lack of information will benefit from a discussion amongst peers. Have a NIME expert teleconference with a physician to provide an independent opinion or perspective. Obtain a resolution or consensus using an optimally-resourced method. Consultations can be retrospective, concurrent or prognostic. Unsure? Speak with an internal NIME representative and/or have the file reviewed. We’ll help you make the right choice.

Support Services

We provide all the support necessary to complete the evaluation including; interpretation, transportation, accommodations, litigation support, file summaries. Ask a service representative for details.